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Open Source and Joomla!


We believe strongly in open-source web applications as this enables us to bring down the costs of developing high-end websites to a mere fraction of what is generally available. Joomla is our CMS (content management system) of choice.

Is Joomla! the right answer for you?

Our #1 consulting answer, which is almost always right in the world of web development is, "It depends."

Joomla! is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet today for building both small and large websites.

Reasons to choose Joomla!

1. Easy to use: Friendly for all types of users - Designers, Developers and Administrators.

Joomla allows non-techie's to easily update and add content. Joomla website can be manage & update through a web browser from any where in the world.

2. Save money:Cost less than other commercial solutions

Joomla! is released under the GNU license and it's free. So this give us an opportunity to provide econamical services to local businesses that they can afford.

3. Extendability: Supported by more extensions than any other CMS products

It is "extendable," which means you can expand the power and maximize the results of your website with thousand's of extensions with out disturbing the existing site.

4. Look and feel of the web site:

One thing we love about Joomla is the large number of beautiful templates available, and we can enhance the appearance of website easily.

5. And much more:
  • Huge community is awesome for assisting with creation of websites
  • Joomla! has been rapidly growing and improving itself for the past years
  • Built-in multiple languages support including Tamil

Also see our Packages and Pricing.

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