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1. Consultation & Understanding your business

website-consultation-erodeThe very first step of our design process involves acquiring your information and requirements, in order to understand thoroughly your business and the target people. The information includes - your company's name, strategy, background, industrial category, and reference sites if any, and more.

2. Planning: Evaluating possible solutions with technology and our skills

evaluating-web-internet-business-solutions-erodeBy understanding your business goals, we will discuss the possible solutions which achieves the stated goals and also meets a need well. Our solutions involve a clear (and perhaps even simple) conceptual design. Then we can choose the best, which perfectly "It all fits!".

3. Design & Layout approval

website-layout-presentation-approval-erodeAt this stage we will present a layout of the website based on the discussion that we had in previous step. This will give you a clear picture of the site that we are going to develop. After you approve the layout, we get 50% of the estimated budget as initial payment to start the project.

4. Developing the Website

developing-website-erodeDuring the development of the website we need your continuous cooperation throughout the process and you will be often informed the site development status.

5. Website delivery

website-delivery-quick-erodeAfter the development of the website, it will be delivered to you immediately. We will get rest of the payment is during the delivery of website.

Website Maintenance and Updates:

We gurantee (for sites hosted with us) that your website will be active 24 x 7 on internet at affordable maintainence cost per year. And also we take care of any complex changes and updates in the future at additional cost at the time of update.

We expect you to provide the complete website content (images, text, and all other details) which will be inserted into the website as per the sitemap before the project kick-off.

Time Frame for Standard Website Package:

The time line for designing and delivering your website will be around 10 to 15 business days (alteration/refinements are additional days not accounted).



Web Site Concept and Design - 5 Business days
Web Site Development - 5 Business days
Website Delivery – 2 Business days

Also see our Packages and Pricing and genaral webdesign FAQs.

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